Solana India Fellowship

January 31 - March 31, 2022

About Solana India Fellowship

We're excited to introduce the Solana India Fellowship — a hands-on 8-week program for the best developers to learn building on Solana. On top of that, each fellow will get a $2500 stipend for the fellowship as well.

From Gaming to NFTs, and DeFi to DAO tooling, each week will be centred around a theme, and there'll be guided quests, exercises, and a Q&A session by an expert in that space, helping fellows not only build but get exposure to open opportunities in the space.

The fellowship ends with a Demo Day, which brings an opportunity to receive grants, funding, or otherwise work with the hottest projects in the Solana ecosystem.


• Applications begin: 10:00 PM IST | 27 Dec 2021 • Applications end: 23:59 PM IST | 15 Jan 2022 • Interview Invitations: 2:00 PM IST | 17 Jan 2022 • Interviews: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM IST | 18-25 Jan 2022 • Final cohort results announcement: 6:00 PM IST | 26 Jan 2022 • Program Starts: 5:00 PM IST | 1 Feb 2022 • Demo Day: 7:00 PM IST | 31 Mar 2022


Unfortunately not. The Fellowship is only open for individuals, and no applications made in teams will be considered. If you already have a team and are looking to build something, try applying for a Superteam Instagrant instead.

The Fellowship requires at most around 30 hours of your time per week. Apart from 1-2 hours of live sessions everything else can be done asynchronously. Being a student or a full-time employee is not a bar, as long as you think you can set aside this time for the eight weeks of the Fellowship.

No strict pre-requisites, however, candidates showing ability to pick up Rust and Javascript at an expedited pace, or those with top percentile experience with C++ will be given preference.

The Fellowship starts with an introduction to Rust and then over six weeks goes through 17 quests which take you through different aspects of building on Solana. Each week will focus on a theme — NFTs, creator economy, DeFi, gaming, product, and have related quests, exercises, and Q&A sessions with an expert in that space. In the second half of the fellowship, fellows are to start ideating and building their fellowship project. The fellowship ends with a demo day where everyone will present their projects for further funding from grants, companies, and VCs, as well as an array of recruiters who'd be happy to onboard the fellows.

Speakers and Mentors


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January 31 - March 31, 2022